Here is what most all Plastic Card Vendors won't tell you.

Most Plastic Card Vendors are in business to sell their entire product line and won't have it any other way.  This usually includes not only the plastic cards, but also a point of sale terminal (for which you have to pay a monthly fee).  Your cards will need a magnetic strip to record information (an additional cost) and more than likely you will need their computer program to run it all (not free & time consuming).  Perhaps they will try to sell you embossed cards with sequential numbers or even bar-coding (also NOT free).
None of this is really necessary...
to use Plastic Cards to dramatically increase trade and traffic, as demonstrated by Tree's Wings  (both sides) and Pizzano's Pizza's cards on the left. These Reward Cards will bring in new customers and keep old ones returning time and time again.  When a customer redeems their card for the dollar value off their bill, They have the option of giving the card back to that customer or giving it to a different customer thereby increasing the use of that one card many times over.  By the way, another good example of no frills Plastic Cards that work are "Gift Cards" that your customers can purchase to give as gifts to friends, family and co-workers.  Companies buy them for employee benefits as well.
Sure, I can provide it all...
if you need a Signature Panel, Magnetic Strip, Variable Data or Barcoding, you will get the best price and service in the industry as well as Free graphic design and Free shipping.  I just want you to know that it is not necessary to pay .99¢ per card with all the bells and whistles to get started using Plastic Cards, when you can achieve the same results for as little as .15 or .19 cents. I also understand that many of you do not have the time or budget to jump into a major investment like most would have you do.  There are so many ways to use Plastic Cards to draw new customers and keep regulars coming back as demonstrated by the cards below.  So please, give me a call and let me show you how Rado Graphics ( that's me, Peter Rado ) can make your business grow with more customers returning when you give them a reason with Plastic Loyalty Cards.

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